Galvanized & Poly Stock Tanks

Poly Stock Tanks

One piece, molded high-density polyethylene tanks that resist cracking or breaking even in cold weather. Test to -20ºF. UV inhibitor used to prevent deterioration from sunlight. Molded-in aluminum drain fitting with 1 1/4″ plug in all 2′ deep tanks. All blue tanks have a 2 year warranty, all gray tanks have a 3 year warranty. Made in U.S.A.

2’x2’x4′ Oblong Tank 100Gal. 29lbs. $ 72.90
2’x2’x6′ Oblong Tank 150Gal. 49lbs. $ 119.90
3’x2’x8′ Oblong Tank 300Gal. 77lbs. $ 198.90
2’x1’x4′ Sheep Tank 50Gal. 16lbs. $ 59.90
6’x2′ Round Tank 350Gal. 62lbs. $ 184.90
8’x2′ Round Tank 625Gal. 92lbs. $ 256.90
9’x2’4″ Round Tank 1000Gal. 112lbs. $ 298.90
10’x2′ Round Tank 1100Gal. 135lbs. $ 367.90
Galvanized Steel Stock Tanks

STOCKYARDS stock tanks are made of only G-90 heavily galvanized steel. Two deep drawn swedges are rolled into each tank for maximum strength. One swedge is near the bottom and one just below the top, with vertical corrugations between. The top rim is reinforced with heavily galvanized tubing permanently rolled into the top edge of the tank. This strong reinforcement is the backbone of the tank and takes most of the strain of pushing and crowding livestock. The rounded top presents a smooth edge that cannot injure animals. All 2′ deep tanks have a drain plug at the bottom for easy draining and cleaning. All these features make the best and longest lasting stock tank you can buy. Extra heavy 20ga. steel bottom provides rugged durability.

2’x2’x3′ Oblong Tank 71Gal. 35lbs. $73.00
2’x2’x4′ Oblong Tank 103Gal. 44lbs. 80.00
2’x2’x6′ Oblong Tank 159Gal. 64lbs. 118.00
3’x2’x8′ Oblong Tank 294Gal. 94lbs. 184.00
3’x2’x10′ Oblong Tank 377Gal. 120lbs. 239.00
3’x2′ Round Tank 85Gal. 40lbs. $ 84.00
4’x2′ Round Tank 165Gal. 55lbs. 114.00
5’x2′ Round Tank 265Gal. 78lbs. 154.00
6’x2′ Round Tank 389Gal. 102lbs. 182.00
7’x2′ Round Tank 535Gal. 126lbs. 236.00
8’x2′ Round Tank 706Gal. 153lbs. 275.00
10’x2′ Round Tank 1117Gal. 213lbs. 396.00
Galvanized Steel Sheep Tanks
4’x1′ Round Tank 82Gal. 45lbs. $ 113.00
5’x1′ Round Tank 132Gal. 64lbs. 150.00
6’x1′ Round Tank 192Gal. 85lbs. 181.00
2’x1’x4′ Oblong Tank 44Gal. 28lbs. 75.00
2’x1’x6′ Oblong Tank 70Gal. 44lbs. 101.00
Round End Stock Tank with Drinkers

Water Large livestock and smaller animals using a stock tank with drinkers built into the sidewall. Allows capacity for 20 head of 200lbs hogs per drinker. Can be used with any tank heater with a poly tank guard for winter use. Made in the U.S.A.

2’x2’x4′ with Single Drinker 100 Gal. 59 lbs. $ 198.00
Rubbermaid Farm Tough Stock Tanks

Molded from a single piece of structural foam so there are no seams to split. Resists denting even when faced with cold weather, high winds and ill-tempered animals. No Rust, No Corrosion.

rubbermaid.5050 Gal.52″L x 31″ x 12″H
Rubbermaid7070 Gal.40″L x 32″W x 24″H
RubberMaid100100 Gal.52″L x 31″W x 25″H
rubbermaid.150150 Gal.58″ x 39″ x 25″
RubberMaid300300 Gal63″ x 69″ x 25″
Water Caddy
High Country Plastics Water Caddy

Built for horse and stock trailers and doubles as a saddle rack. Made with FDA approved poly. Holds 30 gal. 22 lbs. 44″ x 13″ x 20″. Complete with valve.


Dura-Life 400Gal Transport Tank

12″ Filler lid and 2″ threaded outlet. Virgin polyethylene and resins FDA approved for storage of potable water. 66″ diameter, 36″ height, 110lbs empty.

Culvert Pipe
Culvert Pipe

Heavy gauge corrugated steel with a heavy zinc coating for extra long lifetime. 12″ to 36″ (except 21″ available in lengths 10′, 14′, 20′ and 24′. Sizes 6″, 8″, 10″, 21″ available in 20′ Only. Order one day in advance.

Diameter Weight per Foot Price per Foot Connecting Band Flared End
6″ 4lbs. $6.70 $10.90 NA
8″ 6lbs. $7.60 $12.90 NA
10″ 9lbs. $8.90 $14.90 NA
12″ 10lbs. $12.40 $22.90 $67.00
15″ 12lbs. $14.90 $27.90 $84.00
18″ 15lbs. $18.60 $34.90 $107.00
21″ 17lbs. $21.00 $38.90 $138.00
24″ 19lbs. $23.50 $43.90 $154.00
30″ 24lbs. $29.70 $54.90 $292.00
36″ 29lbs. $35.90 $66.90 $388.00