Automatic Waterers, Hydrants & Floats

Hoskins WaterersHoskins Waterers

  • Hook Up InstructionsSTAINLESS STEEL TROUGHS Stainless Steel resists hard water, feed & salt contamination that can rust out galvanized steel troughs. Easy to keep clean.
  • ROBERT’S “BOB” VALVE Highly reliable and trouble free brass valves.
  • GALVANIZED STEEL FRAME Holds up under the tough conditions with all smooth, rounded corners.
  • ELECTRIC HEATING UNIT With adjustable thermostat is pre-wired and ready to plug in. Simply slides in to the tray under the trough for easy access & removal during the summer.
  • DRAIN PLUG For easy cleaning and it is located where curious livestock can’t pull it out.
  • ACCESS DOORS on the horse waterers are located on the end where they are easy to use especially when you are splitting two stalls with one waterer. Float & valve are easily access from the top.
Double Horse Waterer

Double Horse Waterer • HC 14-26

Ideal for splitting stalls, pens or runs. The access door is located on the end of the waterer.
28″ x 14″ x 26″h
85 lbs.
250 Watts

Single Horse Waterer

Single Horse Waterer • HC 7-26

17″ x 14″ x 26″h
60 lbs.
250 Watts

Double Short Waterer

Double Short Waterer • HC 14-16

28″ x 14″ x 16″h
65 lbs.
250 Watts

Single Short Waterer

Single Short Waterer • HC 7-16

17″ x 14″ x 16″h
47 lbs.
250 Watts

Cattle Waterer

Cattle Waterer • C 36-26

75 to 125 Head capacity.
36″ x 26″ x 26″h
117 lbs.
500 Watts

Energy Free Waterers

Energy Free WaterersEnergy Free really means you rely on geothermal energy to replace the heat lost through the walls of the waterer. At a depth of one foot below the frost line, data indicates you will find a temperature of 48º to 56ºF. The key is to deliver 50º water to the fountain. Heat lost through the walls must be replaced by Geothermal energy from incoming water. Therefore, more water consumed by livestock results in more Geothermal energy brought in with the replacement water.
These Energy Free Waterers Require A Minimum Of 10 Head Using The Waterer.

2 Hole Cattle Fountain

2-Hole Cattle Fountain

160 Beef/70 Dairy
39″ x 21″ x 23″h
48 lbs.
20 Gal.  $ 495.00

FarmasterElectric Freedom Drinker

Electric Freedom Drinker

A one piece molded poly design for durable rust & corrosion free performance. With the same insulation used in the energy free waterers, these units use a thermostatic 100 watt infrared heat system.
28″ x 17.5″ x 30″h
30 lbs.
100 Watts  $ 395.00

Waterer Accessories

Waterer Accessories

Useful in any waterer installation, 24″ x 12″ Insulated Earth Tube.
$ 52.90

Below Ground Shut-off Valve & Hook Up Kit.
$ 119.90

Hydrant for Waterers

Y-2 Self-Closing Hydrant for Automatic Waterers

Use this as your riser under any automatic waterer for a first class installation. Provides you with a self-draining, below ground frost free shut-off that is easy to access. The Y-2 has two outlets to connect from either on the top or the side. Threaded for 3/4″ hose adaptor. Cast iron head and brass lined valve body for long lasting life. Solid brass plunger. Stand pipe is 1″ galvanized shell with 3/8″ pressure pipe inside. The working parts are removable from the top without having to dig. Self-closing via the water pressure and stainless steel spring. Hydrant locks open or closed with the press of a button. Maximum 60 psi recommended pressure.

3′ Bury 3′ 4″overall 13lbs. $89.90
4′ Bury 4′ 4″overall 15lbs. $96.90
5′ Bury 5′ 4″overall 18lbs. $103.90
MerrillAny-Flow Hydrant

Merrill Any-Flow Hydrants

Merrill Any-Flow Hydrants have been proven to be reliable. This is the hydrant we have sold for over 40 years and we always have replacement parts in stock too! Complete hydrant including galvanized inlet pipe and cast iron head. Hose adapter on hydrant outlet. Adjustable flow…set water flow where you want it for constant flow. Outlet is 27″ above given bury depth. Bury size plus 34″ equals overall length.

3/4″x3′ Bury 5′ 10″overall 18lbs. $86.90
3/4″x4′ Bury 6′ 10″overall 20lbs. $94.90
3/4″x5′ Bury 7′ 10″overall 22lbs. $98.90
3/4″x6′ Bury 8′ 10″overall 24lbs. $106.90
3/4″x7′ Bury 9′ 10″overall 26lbs. $112.90
3/4″x8′ Bury 10′ 10″overall 28lbs. $119.90


Turns every stock tank, tub, or pan into an automatic waterer. With one piece molded poly float and reversible neoprene valve seat for long life. Sturdy, adjustable brackets tighten down with thumb screws and make installation on edges of tanks fast & easy. Handles pressures up to 70 psi at 300 gph. (gal/hr). Accepts standard 3/4″ hose threads. Poly tank model for wide rim tanks.

Model 825 Plastic Case $8.75
Model 830 Metal Case $13.95
Model 825T Plastic Case for Poly Tanks $8.95
Model 830T Metal Case for Poly Tanks $14.25
Copper Floats and Brass Assembly

Copper Floats & Brass Valve Assembly

Heavy all-brass design with copper float & swivel float arm. Withstands over 100 psi and adjusts to any water level.

3/4″ Valve 5″ Float $95.90
1″ Valve 6″ Float $109.90
Rubbermaid Rubbermaid Stock Tank Float Valve

Rubbermaid Stock Tank Float Valve

Designed for Rubbermaid tanks. 3 to 3 1/2 gal. per min. at 60 psi. Standard hose fittings. An excellent addition to any tank. $17.90