Saddle Pads & Blankets



Reinsman Contoured MicroSuede Saddle Pad

Available in either 30″ x 30″ or 32″ x 32″ sizes, this saddle pad from Reinsman has a style all its own. The Micro Suede fabric is durable and abrasion resistant and cleans easily. With the patented Reinsman Tacky Too bottom, this pad doesn’t slip or slide, clinging and conforming to your horses back while relieving pressure from saddle and rider. Contoured fit gives extra support where needed.
Assorted Colors Available.

Size Part# Price
30″x30″ Contoured Micro Suede with Tacky Too 24575T $79.10
32″x32″ Contoured Micro Suede with Tacky Too 24675T $79.10

Reinsman Build-Up Cut Back Maize Pad

32″ x 32″ 237XX


Reinsman Build-Up Square Maize Pad

32″ x 32″ 248XX

Square Contoure

Reinsman Contoured Maize Pad

32″ x 32″ 246XX

Maize Barrel

Reinsman Round Barrel Maize Pad

32″ x 32″ 233XX

Square Cutback

Reinsman Cut Back Maize Pad

32″ x 32″ 230XX

Impact Pad

Impact Gel Saddle Pads

Available in 1″ or 3/4″ Width with a 70-30% Woold blend felt and impact gel cushioning. Contoured and cut-away at the rigging with vent holes and weal leathers. Come in sizes 30″ x 30″ or 30″ x 32″. Black or Grey Felt

Size Price
1/2″ Thick $169.00
3/4″ Thick $179.00
1″ Thick $189.00
Impact Navajo

Impact Gel Navajo Saddle Pads

Hand woven wool top blanket with fleece or felt backing. Availble in 30″ x 32″ legnths, 3/4″ with the felt liner.

Cross Pattern

Professionals Choice 20X SmX H.D. Air Ride Saddle Pads

Available in 30″ x 32″ or 34″ x 36″ Size. 3/4 Inch Breathable Core and 100% hand-woven wool blanket top. Heavy duty SMx Air Ride Core protects the horses back from pressure. 100% Merino Wool Fleece Bottom helps wick away moisture and conforms to the horse for maximum comfort. These pads are appropriate for any western style riding.

34″x36″  $149.95


Professionals Choice John Deer Pad

• 3/4″ Wool Felt
• Leather Reinforced Spine and Wear Leathers
• Signature John Deere Brand
• New Pad Design from Professionals Choice

34″x36″  $86.95


20X Roper Elite Pad

Contoured to fit the horses back with a felt overshock absorbing foam rubber with SMx Air Ride material position to be under the saddle bars. Foam bottom doesn’t absorb sweat. Leather reinforcements along spine. Sized 31″ x 32″



Twenty X Roper II Pad

3/4″ Felt bottom with SMx Air Ride Material. Contoured with cutouts at wither. A true working pad. Size 31″ x 32″


Diamond Wool Pads


Navajo Pattern Trail Pad HR25

1″ Thick 32″ x 32″


Canvas Pressure-Relief Pad

MC30 30″ x 30″


Premium Wool Liner Pads

3/8″ x 32″ x 32″ Square


Plain Wool Pads

100 % Premium Wool Felt Pads

Size Part# Price
1″x30″x30″ Square HR11W $44.20
1″x32″x32″ Square HR21W $49.95
1/2″x30″x30″ Square LR21W $34.70
1/2″x32″x32″ Square LR31W $36.25

Bar 8 Navajo Wool-Top Saddle Pads

34″ x 36″, Fleece or Felt Lined. Available in Redwood, Sage, Cream, or Sky. 100% Merion Wool Saddle Pad with Wear Leathers.