Leather Care


Fiebings Leather Care

Used throughout the world on fine saddlery, boots, shoes, and smooth leather articles. Clean, lubricate, and preserve your leather goods with Fiebings Leather Care.

Saddle Soap Paste 12 oz. $ 7.50
4-Way Leather Care with Sprayer 16 oz. 9.80
Liquid Saddle Soap, Glycerin based with Sprayer 16 oz. 15.00
Saddle Oil Aerosol 8.85
Leather Sheen Aerosol 8.65
Glycerin Saddle Soap Bar 8oz. 4.60
Leather Dye (Black, Dark Brown, Med. Brown) 4oz. 8.00
Skidmore’s Leather Cream

An all purpose leather care product which cleans, conditions, and protects all types of leather. Regular use will build a degree of waterproofing on the leather. Use on saddles, tack, chaps, shoes & boots, purses, motorcycle leathers, saddlebags, car upholstery, and leather furniture. Our Leather Cream brings dry, curled, cracked leather back to life and protects all leather from the harsh effects of the environment…sun, wind, dryness, and moisture. Leather is a tough material, but it needs to be cared for…protect your investment with Skidmore’s Leather Cream.

Skidmore’s Leather Cream 6 oz. $ 8.15
Skidmore’s Leather Cream 17 oz. 14.95
Oakwood Leather Care

Oakwood Leather care comes highly recommended by makers of leather goods. It is a scientifically-formulated, neutral pH soap formulated to remove dirt and grime from tack. Non-sticky and easy to apply, this saddle soap will not cause leather to collect dust or dirt. Simply place a small amount on a damp sponge and wipe dirt away with a circular hand motion. It may also be used on breeches with leather seats, suede chaps, belts and gloves by either hand or machine washing. Natural oils help revive leather to keep it soft and supple.

Liquid Saddle Soap 16 oz. $ 9.20
Leather Conditioner Tube 7 oz. 7.50
Leather Conditioner Jar 16 oz. O/S
Lexol Leather Care

Extend the life of your leather by protecting against cracking and drying while renewing the natural oils of your leather. Specially formulated for conditioning and protecting your leather.

Leather Conditioner with Sprayer 16.9 oz. $ 8.15
Leather Conditioner Refill 3 Liter 22.95
Neatsfoot Oil Conditioning Dressing with Sprayer 16.9 oz. 8.15
Neatsfoot Oil Dressing 3 Liter 22.95
Lexol Quick Clean/Condition Wipes 6.30
Lexol 3 In 1 Spray 16.9 oz. 10.25
Ray Holes Leather Care

Since 1936, the leather care recipes of Idaho saddle makersRay Holes, and his son Gerald Ray Holes, have helped maintain the beauty and durability of fine leather saddles, boots, gear and rawhide tack.  Try our cowboy-tested leather care products to restore and protect the leather you love:

SADDLE BUTTER® Conditions, Restores, and Protects Leather
VAQUERO RAWHIDE CREAM® Cleans, Conditions, and Protects Rawhide and Leather. And CHAP WAX® & DRI-BOOT® Waterproof Leather
Saddle Butter 16 oz. $ 10.75
Vaquero Rawhide Cream 16 oz. 10.50
Dri-Boot/Chap Wax 8 oz. 9.00
Tee See Oil Leather Conditioner

Tee See gives old or new leather satin like softness and a beautiful sheen. A great oil for working with leather that you want to keep light colored! Helps protect against cracking and hardening.

Tee See Oil  8 oz. $ 9.90
Tee See Oil 16 oz. 13.50
Tee See Oil 32oz. 18.90
 Tee See Oil Gallon 49.90
Fiebing’s Neatsfoot Oil

A 100% natural preservative for leather articles subjected to rugged use and outdoor exposure. Since the primary function of a neatsfoot oil is to replace the evaporated oils in leather, replacing the oils with other natural oils is best. Used by saddle makers for over a century.

100% Pure 16 oz. $ 5.50
100% Pure 32oz. 7.75
Prime Neatsfoot Compound 16oz. 5.50
Prime Neatsfoot Compound 32oz. 7.75
Prime Neatsfoot Compound Gallon 20.00

Farnam Leather New

Leather New Saddle Soap is the original self-polishing saddle soap. Makes leather look like new after a single application while cleaning, conditioning and polishing in one step.

Leather New Liquid Saddle Soap Spray 16 oz. $ 7.90
Leather New Liquid Saddle Soap Spray 32oz. 12.95
Leather New Liquid Saddle Soap Spray 64oz. 19.50
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C.S. Osborne Leather Punches
Economy On Card Made in England $ 11.95
Professional Made in U.S.A. 61.90
Automatic Awl With Thread & Needles 14.95