Custom Saddle Options

CT_PhoenixAllAround CT_JadeSnakeBarrelRacer CT_AllAcornsTeamRoper

Available Tooling Options

Tooling OptionsAvailable from Cactus Saddlery, you can customize your choice of saddle. Cactus Ranchers, Cutters, Ropers, and Barrel’s made the way you want them for whatever use. Customize the tooling, upgrade the conchos, give your saddle the unique look and design that you deserve!

These custom options are only available on certain saddles manufactured by Cactus. Those saddles designed by Charles Pogue, Stran Smith, Speed Williams, Clay O’Brien Cooper, and Charmagne James can’t be customized. For pricing and availability please email

Custom Cantle Designs

Cantle Design

Custom Stamping & Floral Tooling

cactuswafflestamp cactusspiderstamp cactussnowflakestamp cactusminibasketstamp cactusbasketstamp cactusacornoakstamp cactuscaddorosestamp cactuslillystamp cactustylerrosestamp cactuscoloradostamp

Customized Conchos


Custom Border Tooling

cactuscamouflageborder cactusropeborder cactusbarbwireborder-1 cactusswivelborder cactussnakeborder

Custom Suede or Ostrich Seats

suedeturquoiseseat suederustseat turquoiseseat redseat suedesandseat suedenaturalseat purpleseat pinkseat suederedseat suedepinkseat naturalseat limeseat suedehunterseat suedechocolateseat blueseat hunterseat suedeblueseat suedeblackseat blackseat cognacseat