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Squeeze Chutes

Squeeze Chutes

Since 1946, Powder River has made the finest, heavy weight chute anywhere. Fast working with Right Side exit to make sorting easier, these Extra Long Squeeze Chutes are easily operated. Head Gate, squeeze and tailgate all operate from one position. Split sheeted tailgate locks open for easy entry. Removable hoof panels and drop side bars. Adjustable sides  for quick width changes. Optional chute trailer for easy hauling.

Rancher Hydraulic Chute

M2000 Manual with Right Side Exit $4,810.00
S2000 Self-Catch Stabilizer Right Side Exit $5,600.00
S1500 Self-Catch Right Side Exit $3,055.00
XL Auto Right Side Exit & Drum Squeeze $4,920.00
Vet/Pregnancy Testing Gates  $672.00



H2000 Hydraulic Chute


Rack and pinion hydraulic linkages
Left Hand Controls
110v or 220v Power Options
Split Kickpans
Sheeted Split Hydraulic Tailgate
Right Side Exit
Manual Adjustable Floor Width
Hydraulic Cylinders are up and tucked away
2HP Motor
2 Stage Pump
1,000 psi
98” long  85” tall  53” wide
5 Year Warranty on Chute – Hydraulics 1 Year
Operators Manual

Chute: $7,700.00

Add-on Neck Extender: $152.00

 H3000 Hydraulic Livestock Chute

Complete with hydraulic headgate squeeze, tailgate floor width and neck bender. Right and left palp doors and 270-Degree swinging boom. Five horse power, 220v electric motor. Measures 137″ length, 62″ width, 96″ height. Weighs 3,650lbs. The strongest of Powder River chutes; all hydraulic cylinders are off the ground and out of the way, keeping the operators safe and the cylinders clean. Controls at the front of the chute near the hydraulic neck bender makes control easy and accurate. Operates quietly & fast keeping cattlemen, veterinarians, and livestock pros in mind in design and function.


Classic Calf Table

• Handles calves up to 450 lbs
• Scissor type easy tipping action
• Right or left reversible operation
• 7 drop side pipes for good access.
• Contoured headgate for plenty of breathing space.

Calf Table


Calf Headboard

$ 162.00

Calf Alle Tailgate

$ 280.00