Powder River Gates, Panels & Hardware

Powder RiverMade in the USA

Clasic Gates
Heavy Duty Classic gates are famous for their strength. Use them with confidence for your toughest corralling job. The heavy duty 13 gauge tube frame and 14 gauge steel horizontal rails, with their exclusive pentagonal design, will take an amazing amount of abuse from crowding cattle and then spring back to their original shape.

Classic Gates

3’x52″ 42lbs. $157.00
4’x52″ 52lbs. 165.00
6’x52″ 70lbs. 186.00
8’x52″ 95lbs. 219.00
10’x52″ 113lbs. 242.00
12’x52″ 138lbs. 268.00
14’x52″ 156lbs. 314.00
16’x52″ 181lbs. 334.00
Classic Panels
Classic Corral Panels are built heavy and tough for maximum performance when under stress from crowding livestock. By far the most rugged panel in the Stockyards inventory, the Classic Panel has proven to be one of the best heavy livestock panels in the nation. 13 gauge steel frame, 14 gauge rails, drop pin connections.

Classic Panels

4’x64″ 47lbs. $154.00
6’x64″ 73lbs. 179.00
8’x64″ 98lbs. 211.00
10’x64″ 116lbs. 233.00
12’x64″ 145lbs. 264.00
14’x64″ 164lbs. 306.00
16’x64″ 189lbs. 329.00
Classic Bow Gate Classic Bow Gates are ideal for free-standing portable systems.  The bow gate frame is made from a heavy schedule 40 pipe, while the bottom hat section is manufactured from a 7-gauge steel.  Classic gates are hung within the bow, making this the strongest bow gate on the market. 8′ Arch.

Classic Bow Gate

26″x7′ 74lbs. $211.00
3’x8′ 114lbs. $302.00
4’x8′ 122lbs. $336.00
6’x8′ 187lbs. $441.00
8’x8′ 226lbs. $531.00
10’x8′ 313lbs. $685.00
12’x8′ 359lbs. $805.00
Slant Bar Feeder PanelKeep feed losses to a minimum with Powder River Feeder Panels. Pin to any Powder River panel or attack to posts with the optional wood-to-panel adapter.

Slant Bar Feeder Panel

10’x64″ 153lbs. $381.00
12’x64″ 178lbs. $441.00
16’x64″ 236lbs. $571.00
Wood2PanelConnector SingleClevis3inLine 4WayClevisDoubleClevis


Replacement Hardware & More

A Wood-to-Panel Connector $10.95
B Single Panel Clevis $6.65
C Three-in-Line Panel Clevis $17.65
D 4-Panel Clevis $20.95
E Double Panel Clevis $8.85
F Gate-Leveling Adaptor $28.70
G HD Pipe Clamp with Clevis $16.75
H 1 3/8 or 2 3/8 Post to Panel Connector $26.50
I Square Post Clamp with Clevis DISC
J Square Tube Clevis Adaptor DISC
K 5/8″x12″ Pin & Chain $8.65
L Right or Left Hand Chute Spring $9.65
M Right or Left Trip Assembly Mount $82.70
N Right or Left Trip Handle Dog Assembly $47.65
O Replacement Chute Ratchet $54.95
P Stanchion Control Handle $152.90
Q Center Squeeze Control Handle $152.90
R 270º Gate Hinge Adaptor $47.40
S Latch Plate $2.05