Livestock Scales & Cattle Guards


SmartScale 210 System

Easy to set up and easy to use. Simple to read and operate with indicator and self contained rechargeable battery that gives you 8 hours of continuous use. The indicator can also be operated off a 12 volt battery or plugged in to a 120v. outlet. Complete with charger, adaptor and battery cables. Indicates in both Pounds and Kilos. Weighs in automatic, manual and fine modes. Weighing in the fine mode indicates weights in 0.2lb increments. Smart Scale automatically zeros out and resets for the next weighing. Aluminum Scale Platform is 25″ x 88″ and made for providing stable, solid footing. 23″ load Bars attach to the platform and provide 4,400 lbs. total weighing capacity.

SmartScale 210 Indicator $625.00
23″ Platform Load Bars $990.00
Aluminum Scale Platform $510.00
Heavy Duty 39″ Chute Load Bars $2,045.00

Complete Package


Aluminum Cattle Platform

Aluminum Cattle Platform

Lightweight, heavy-duty livestock platform for 4,400lbs. alleyway loadbars. 7 1/2′ long, 25″ width. Weighs 80lbs. Comes with 2-year warranty.

Alleyway Loadbars

Alleyway Loadbars

4,400 lbs. weighing capacity. 23″ steel loadbars. Can weigh any size or type of animal up to weight capacity. Slotted top mounting holes fit all sizes of platforms and cages. 18′ long, tough polyurethane loadbar cable and moisture proof connectors. 2 Year Warranty

SmartScale 200

SmartScale 210

Large, easy-to-read display (1 1/2″ high.) Simple to use with large, rotary selector knob. Three weighing modes for quick and easy weighing. Tough shock-resistant and water-proof case. Internal, rechargeable battery with charge indicator and low-voltage shutdown. Locks on weight regardless of animals movement. 2 year warranty.

Heavy Duty Squeeze Chute Loadbars

Heavy Duty Squeeze Chute Loadbars

9,900 lbs. weighing capacity in 39″ length. High capacity loadcells are able to withstand large shock loads. Super heavy-duty steel construction and bottom feet mounting holes extend beyond top covers for ease of bolting down. 18′ long, tough polyurethane loadbar cables and moisture proof connectors. Water resistant. 2 year warranty.

Powder River

Cattle Guards

Powder River Cattle Guards

Engineered and built to meet load requirements in four different weight categories Load rating refers to tons per axle. built to order. Allow 2-3 weeks lead time. Deposit required.

Sizes H-15 12 Tons H-20 16 Tons U-54 25 Tons U-80 30 Tons
7′-5″x8′ $2,310.00 $2,390.00 NA NA
7′-5″x10′ $2,790.00 $2,960.00 NA NA
7′-5″x12′ $3,190.00 $3,410.00 NA NA
7′-5″x14′ $3,920.00 $4,050.00 NA NA
8′-0″x8′ $2,390.00 $2,530.00 $3,010.00 $3,160.00
8′-0″x10′ $2,900.00 $3,140.00 $3,540.00 $3,730.00
8′-0″x12′ $3,290.00 $3,610.00 $4,010.00 $4,190.00
8′-0″x14′ $4,060.00 $4,360.00 $4,680.00 $5,080.00
Clean out for Cattleguard (NA U-80) $158.00
Cattleguard End Wing Set $336.00
Cattleguard End Wing Posts $273.00