Livestock Equipment & Loading Chutes

Winkel 12′ Portable Corral System Complete with:

Winkel Portable Corral System • 1-12′ Portable Loading Chute
• 19-12′ Corral Panels (Gray)
• 1-12′ Entrance Panel with 10′ Gate
• 1-Chute Gates
• 1-Alley Frame
• 1-Center Frame
$ 6,735.00
Turn any remote area into easy working conditions with this all steel portable loading chute and corral panel combination. Well balanced for easy hook-up fully loaded or empty. Durable steel frame with single axle gives easy loading and unloading of the components without obstructions. Panels are secured in front with a loop and pin. Each panel is held on the trailer by individual steel posts that align with the hinge of the panel. Back end is held with chain and boomer provided. Uses 2″ ball hitch. Panels are 7 rail, 14 gauge, 1 5/8″ frame with 14 gauge 1″ horizontal rails. Easy to pin together connections painted gray.
Winkel 12' Portable Loading Chute

Winkel 12′ Portable Loading Chute

Same as used in the above systems without panels and panel carriers 30″ inside widths. Three position adjustable height steel plate floor with cleated steps for better footing. Pull one pin and the tongue drops down out of the way or it can be removed completely. Stands on each side lock the chute in proper height. Uses 2″ ball height.

$ 2,735.00

12'x10' Calving Pen

12’x10′ Calving Pen

3′ x 12′ Chute with 12′ x 10′ Calving Pen
30″ x 12′ Calving chute constructed of 2 3/8″ – 12 ga. steel tubing. The Fillson self-catch headgate is easily adjusted for width. A 30″ steel floor beihing the headgate adds stability. Complete with 30″ wide tail gate and 36″ side gate. Vertical bars give the calf access to the cow and are removable when not in use. An 11′ gate on the inside opens into the 12′ x 10′ pen. 1 -12′ Panel, 1 -10′ Panel, and 1-10′ panel with a 4′ gate.

$ 2,635.00

Cattle Chutes
The M1-V is a new design in a large, heavy duty squeeze chute with all the best features for the efficient handling of your cattle.

M1-V Cattle Chute with Split Tail Gate

with Manual Head-gate $ 4,046.00
with Self-Catch Head-gate $ 4,046.00

M1-V Cattle Chute with Vertical Tail Gate

with Manual Head-gate $ 3,714.00
with Self-Catch Head-gate $ 3,714.00

• Largest Manual Chute Available • Split Tailgate or Vertical Tailgate • Drop Down Sides & Foot Access • Powder Coat Finish • Dual Side Exits • Dual Neck Access • Adjustable Floor • Double Side Squeeze

Filson Livestock Handling Equipment

 9' Hydraulic Chute with Palp Door

9′ Hydraulic Chute with Palp Door

This new 9′ Hydraulic Chute is one of the nicest and heaviest in the hydraulic style. Right Side Exit, Adjustable Hydraulic Floor, Drop down bars and leg panels, and Palp Door make this an easy operating chute. Four valve controls easily operated by right or left handed owners with the heavy duty tubing and 5 horsepower motor give this chute everything it needs to be the perfect cattleman’s chute.

9′ Length • 6’6″ Width • 96″ Tall • 3200lbs. • 2 1/2″ Square Tube x 3/16PG • Side Exit • Adjustable Hydraulic 1/4″ Plate Floor • 5 HP Motor • 7 1/2 Gal. per Minute Pump • 4 Valve Control

$ 12,790.00

 XL Heavy Duty Cattle Chute

XL Heavy Duty Cattle Chute

This is a longer and heavier version of the popular Heavy Duty Filson Squeeze Chute. All steel construction including floor and lower side panels. Lower side panels drop down to expose feet and upper panels, they drop down individually and latch easily. With manual or automatic self catching headgates with adjustable width and assist bar to aid in closing headgate on smaller animals. No cables to loosen or readjust. Quick change squeeze width. Vertical tail gate. Front and right side exit. With neck bar and nose chain.

with Manual Head-gate $ 2,880.00
with Self-Catch Head-gate $ 3,160.00
 Filson Heavy Duty Cattle ChuteFilson Heavy Duty Cattle Chute

Filson Heavy Duty Cattle Chute

Manual or automatic self-catching headgate with non choking design and nose bar. Centrally located squeeze and headgate controls. Front and side exit. Easy one man operation and easy adjustment for varying sizes of cattle at both squeeze location and headgate also. All steel construction except for floor. Vertical drop bars and side panels.

with Manual Head-gate $ 2,195.00
with Self-Catch Head-gate $ 2,295.00
 XL Heavy Duty Head Gate

XL Heavy Duty Head Gate

Smooth running, automatic self catch headgates with the same features as those used on the Filson chutes.
350 lbs. 39″ x 75″

$ 829.00

 Heavy Duty Head Gate HD Headgate

Heavy Duty Head Gate HD Headgate

240lbs.  33″x72″

$ 659.00

 Filson Heavy Duty Calf Table

Filson Heavy Duty Calf Table

Tips both right and left and locks in place. Non choking headgate with front exit. Swing-down access panels on both sides. self-locking tailgate. All steel construction. Handles calves up to 500 lbs.


$ 1,479.00

Filson Chute Trailier/Wheel Kit

Filson Chute Trailer/Wheel Kit

For easy transportation of your HD Squeeze Chute.

$ 595.00

Sheeted Crowding Tub & Curved Alley

Sheeted Crowding Tub

Heavy Duty 180° Crowding Tub:
With a 10′ Radius and Outside Entrance Gate, sheeted with 6ga. Steel, 5’5″ height and 4″ diameter center post. 1,480lbs.
Curved Crowding Alley:
Available in 3 lengths, adjustable width, tapered and sheeted sides.
Heavy Duty 180° Crowding Tub $3,480.00
24′ Alley Catwalk $385.00
Alley Stop $103.00
Tub Catwalk (2 sections) $345.00
Switching Gate 2-way Exit for Tub $310.00
8′ Section Curved Crowding Alley $895.00
16′ Section Curved Crowding Alley $1,595.00
24′ Section Curved Crowding Alley $2,290.00


Portable Tub and Alley

Portable Tub and Alley

180° Open Sweep Portable Tub:
Witha 10′ Radius, 3 Pin-Together Panels, 66″ Height. 920lbs.
16′ Adjustable Alley:
Made with two 8′ alley sections, adjustable from 20″ to 28″ and 66″ high. 330 lbs. Lower 24″ is sheeted.
Alley Gates:
Pin into the Open Sweep Exit and let you hold cattle in the sweep and in the alley. Available in vertical or slide.
180° Open Sweep $2,290.00
16′ Adjustable Alley $1,430.00
Vertical Gate at Open Sweep Exit $249.00
Sliding Roll Gate at Open Sweep Exit $419.00
Sweep Adaptor Gate (2 Alleys) $229.00
Open System Alley Stop $98.00