L&H Branding Irons

L-H Branding Irons

L-H Branding Irons

Custom made to your brand specifications by L-H Manufacturing. Available in Freeze Brand, Fire Brand or Electric. When you submit an actual-size drawing showing your brand (indicate height of figures), allow 10 days for delivery to your address. Irons must be paid in advance and we prepay UPS charges to you.

Electric Branding Irons

Electric Branding Irons

Heats up fast and eliminates the hazard of open fires or gas heaters. Plugs into any 110 volt outlet. Braced at all stress points with steel rods, keeping the heating element from bending or breaking. The brander is made of lasting, non-corrosive material and with oridnary use will give years of trouble free service. All prices apply to standard 3″, 3 1/2″, and 4″ Letters or Figures.

Style Price
Single Letter or Figure $110.00
Two Letters or Figures $120.00
Three Letters or Figures $130.00
Characters over 4″ in height add $10.00 per Iron
220 Volt add $15.00 per Iron
20′ Power Cord add $10.00 per Iron
 Fire Branding Irons

Fire Branding Irons

Made of rust resistant, non corrosive copper alloy and with a 1/4″ flat face. These produce a good clear brand because the unit is vented at intersecting points to prevent blotching. They are also equipped with a heavy-duty, 1/2″ steel handle, thirty two inches long. Call for pricing on custom designs.

Numeric 2″ or 2 1/2″
Numeric 3″ or 3 1/2″
Numeric 4″
Numeric 5″
Numeric 6″
Single Character 2″-6″
Double Character 2″-6″
Triple Character 2″-6″
Freeze Branding Irons

Freeze Branding Irons

Standard sizes range from 1″ to 6″ in height. Ample in weight and with the temperature holding capacity to help you brand more livestock in less time and still aid you in producing a better brand. Less invasive and painful for the animal being branded, freeze branding kills the pigment of the hair so instead of a scar, you have a white figure. A better way of branding horses, all special design freeze bands are normally shipped within 10 days of the order being placed. Available in custom designs as well. Call for pricing.

1″-1 3/4″ Single
2″-2 1/2″ Single
3″ Single
4″ Single
5″ or 6″ Single
Priced Above Standard Letters or Numerals Single Character.
Available in Sets of Numerals (0-8)
Sets of Letters (A-Z)
And Custom Designs.
Call for Pricing.
Branding Time & Info
Branding times vary according to the type of metal in the irons (all times shown here are for L & H brass freeze branding irons) and the age, skin thickness and color of the animal. Branders should calibrate their freeze branding irons by branding the recommended times and keeping accurate records of times and results.
Animal Coolant Application Time
Colt Liquid Nitrogen 6-12 seconds
Dry Ice & Alcohol 16-24 seconds
Horse Liquid Nitrogen 8-12 seconds
Dry Ice & Alcohol 20-24 seconds
Calf Liquid Nitrogen 21-24 seconds
Dry Ice & Alcohol 40-50 seconds
Cow Liquid Nitrogen 25-30 seconds
Dry Ice & Alcohol 50-60 seconds
Universal Branding Iron Semi Universal Branding Iron

Universal Branding Irons

The L & H Semi-Universal Brander or Universal Brander have a half circle and a 2 1/2″ bar. Almost any number or letter can be made with a series of applications. These units are extensively used for custom branding and numbering by stockment with small herds. Operates on 110 volts, AC or DC. The Universal brander has an added 4″ bar to speed up the branding operation.
Using only a heavy duty three wire grounded extension cord connected to a three wire grounded electricity source will decrease your chances of an electrical shock and increase the quality of the finished brand. The iron will not work properly if the extension cord is improperly sized too small.

Semi-Universal Iron
Universal Iron