Calf Pullers and Dehorners

Electric Dehorners

Electric Dehorners – Model 55A or 55S

Quick and simple dehorning of your young cattle with our electric dehorner. Simply place the dehorner over the base of the horn and rotate a few seconds. In a 4-6 weeks, the horn button will drop. No blood, no severe shock and you can do this anytime of the year. 110 volts.

Number Size Price
55A 1″ I.D. Hole $60.00
55S 3/4″ I.D. Hole $60.00
Electric Dehorners

Electric Dehorners – Model 55CD

Cast Bronze electric dehorner in 3 sizes: 5/8″, 3/4″ and 1″ diameter. Preferred by vets. Best for small calves and goats.


Mooremaker Dehorners

Mooremaker Dehorners

Super sharp.  Made in the USA.

Number Size Price
#1 Baby Calves $66.00
#2 Up to 200lbs. $69.00
#3 200lbs.-350lbs. $73.00
#4 350lbs.-500lbs. $76.00

Barnes Small 13″ Dehorner Wood Handles


Barnes Large 17″ Dehorner All Steel

High grade tool steel blades.


Guilotine Dehorners

Guilotine Type Dehorner


Horn Tippers

#2 Horn Tipper


Ratchet Puller

Ta850 Rachet Calf Puller

With this puller, one handle moves two separate hooks alternately. Pull one limb first then with the next move of the handle, pull the other limb. The 66″ shaft disassembles in the middle. Supplied with OB strap only. OB chain sold separately.


Callicrate Smart Bander

Callicrate Smart Bander

Allows you to take advantage of the increased weight gain of bulls while eliminating the stress and complications of elastrator rings or surgical castration. Complete Smart Bander with 5 bands, knife and case.

Kit $295.00
Bands $2.65
Band Elastrators

Band Elastrators

Available in Premium or Economy variations depending on application. Used with latex bands for castration.


Latex Bands

Latex Bands

Green bands for the Elastrators for use in castration. Bags of 100.

Latex Bands (100pk) $1.80