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Shine On Shine On Horse Shampoo Horse Grooming Horse Conditioner

Straight Arrow’s Original Mane ‘n Tail line of shampoos, conditioners, detanglers and medicated treatments are a leader in the grooming industry. Give your horse the lustrous shine of a winner and give yourself the ease of getting out mattes and tangles using these premium care products. The solution for hard to manage mane’s, tails and coats, you can’t go wrong with Mane ‘n Tail.
Detangler 32oz.
Shine-On 32oz.
Shampoo 12oz.
Shampoo 32oz.
Shampoo 1gal.
Conditioner 12oz.
Conditioner 32oz.
Conditioner 1gal.
Protect Spray 32oz.
Protect Shampoo 32oz.

Showsheen Show Sheen

Absorbine’s Grooming sets the standard as the leaders in the hair-polish market. Formulated to provide the horse owner with unsurpassed multipurpose grooming aids, use absorbine products to keep hair tangle-free and reduce static fly-away. Smooth and sleek coats are achievable, repel dust, dirt and stains with ease. Protect your grooming job and keep your horse cleaner longer with these great products.
Showsheen Spray
Showsheen Refill
2-In-1 Shampoo
Showclean Whitener 32oz.
Showsheen Gel
Finishing Mist

Vertolin Horse Shampoo Vetrolin Bath Wonder Blue White N Brite Whitebrite Bodywash Laser Sheen Aloedine Excalibur Slick N Easy Block

Farnam’s selection gives you the solution to any kind of grooming need your horse can create. Use Vetrolin to fight the dirt, Wonder Blue to brighten the coat, White’nBrite to liven the white, Laser Sheen to battle those incessant tangles, Aloedine to treat fungal areas, Excalibur as a sheath cleaner, and Slick’n’Easy for those final touches. Make your horse a show-stopping visual and cut grooming time in half.
Vetrolin Conditioning Bath
Vetrolin Conditioner 16oz.
Vetrolin Detangler 12oz.
Vetrolin Green Spot Out 16oz.
Vetrolin Body Wash 32oz.
Wonder Blue
White N Brite
White N Brite Body Wash
Laser Sheen Concentrate
Laser Sheen Ready To Use
Aloe Dine 16oz.
Excalibur 16oz.
Slick ‘N Easy Grooming Block ea


Hair Care Moisturizer

Health Care Moisturizer

Health Hair Care Moisturizer comes concentrated in 16 or 32 oz. sizes. One of the best detanglers and moisturizers, restore that flakey coat and get that tail into the braid with ease. Dust and dirt repellent, this is the moisturizer of champions.

Moisturizer Concentrate 16oz.
Moisturizer Concentrate 32oz.

Original M-T-G

Original M-T-G from Shapley’s is a leave-in conditioner providing excellent results at growing out hard-to-lengthen hair. Fights tail itch and rubbing, and girth itch. Easy detangling and a vanquisher of fungus.


Cowboy Magic

Cowboy Magic

Cowboy Magic offers it’s line of horse care products providing magical results for the horseowner. Concentrated Rosewater shampoos and silk conditioners are easy to use and formulated to gently dissolve dirt and clean hair while conditioning the skin. Easy to rinse, usable at full strength or diluted, and providing instant results. Create the shine you want in half the time.

Detangler & Shine 4oz.
Detangler & Shine 16oz.
Rosewater Shampoo 16oz.
Rosewater Shampoo 32oz.
Demineralizer Conditioner 16oz.
Demineralizer Conditioner 32oz.
Green Spot Remover 24oz.
Circuiteer Max

Circuiteer Max

The latest in top quality blowers, twin power units provide the utmost in air volume while warming the air. 120 Volt, 18.5 amps.


 Vac N Blo

PRO-3AG Vac ‘N Blo

Blower and vacuum groomer with all the accessories and on wheels. Triple filtration, 11.25 ams, 4.0PHP, and 3 pc. brush/comb set air flare, blower, rake, 3-bags, 2- filters, 2-6′ hoses.


 Circuiteer II

Circuiteer II

The best choice for blow drying show livestock. The CIRC II has a choice of power and temperature settings. Comes complete with 10′ hose, blower tip and filter. 20′ cord. 2- 2.1 HP motors, 115 V. 17 Amps.