Health Supplies

Absorbine Vet Liniment AbsorbineVet Gel  Tuttles Liniment

Antiseptic aids in relief of temporary muscle soreness/stiffness, and stimulates circulation. Excellent rubbing application for strains and temporary injuries. Dilute for brace or wash.

Absorbine Vet Liniment 16oz.
Absorbine Vet Liniment 32oz.
Absorbine Vet Liniment 1gal.
Absorbine Vet Liniment Gel 12oz.
Tuttles Elixer 16oz.



Farnam_Tricare  Farnam_Scarlex Farnam_ClearEyes Farnam_BlueLotion Farnam_WoundKote Farnam_Wonderdust Farnam_PovidoneIodine7 Farnam_PovidoneIodine10 AH_AluShield AH_M-TProtectWoundCream AH_BlueLotionAnchor

Tri-Care + Wound Ointment 16oz.
Scarlex Wound Spray 1gal.
Clear Eyes Opthamalic Wash 12oz.
Blue Lotion with Dauber 32oz.
Wound Kote Aerosol Wound Spray 5oz.
Wonder Dust Blood-Stop Powder 16oz.
Povidone Iodine Surgical Scrub 7.5% 1qt.
Povidone Iodine Solution 10% 1qt.
Alu-Shield Aerosol Bandage 2.6oz.
Mane ‘N Tail Protect Wound Cream 6oz.
Blue Lotion Wound Spray 16oz.


Vetericyn_Wound Naylors_Redkote Schreiners_Family Agrilabs_Bloodstop WellHorse4oz.

Vetericyn Wound & Infection Treatment 8oz.
Dr. Naylors Red Kote with Dauber 4oz.
Dr. Naylors Red Kote Aerosol 5oz.
Schreiners Wound Care Herbal Solution 16oz.
Schreiners Wound Care Herbal Solution Sprayer 8.5oz.
Blood Stop Powder 16oz.
Well-Horse Wound Spray 4oz.


AH_ScarletOil  AH_GallSalve AH_FootRotRingwormSpray AH_Triodine

Scarlet Oil Wound Spray 16oz.
Chlorhexidine 16oz.
Chlorhexidine 1gal.
Gall Salve 5oz.
Foot Rot & Ringworm Spray 32oz.
Triodine 7 Triple Source Iodine Tincture 16oz.
Triodine 7 Triple Source Iodine Tincture 32oz.


707_Healex An antiseptic ointment to be used for cracked heels, minor cuts and abrasions. Ideal for saddle sores, hobble burns, wire cuts, and rope burns. One of the best wound treatments, Healex works fast and well.
20oz. Jar
Lextron_Ichthammol Ichthammol Ointment 20% is for external use as an emollient for the skin. Can be used with a loose bandage. Helps to soften and sooth the skin.
1lb. Jar
Corona_Ointment Corona Lanolin-based antiseptic ointment is good for lesser injuries such as minor cuts, scratches, scrapes, saddle sores, rope burns, wind or sun burned muzzles. Helping maintain moisture balance, coron helps to increase the horses comfort and speed up the healing process while preventing the growth of microorganisms that lead to infections.

Corona Ointment 14oz.
Corona Ointment 36oz.
Corona Ointment Tube 7oz.
Corona Medicated Udder Balm 7oz.
Corona Medicated Udder Balm 36oz.


VetericynBovineEyeWash16oz  PinkEye_NFZ Pinkeye_Shuteye

Vetericyn Bovine Eye Wash 16oz.
NFZ Puffer 1.59oz.
Shut Eye Patch for Pink-Eye Cow