Farm & Ranch Supplies

Inland Inland Plastic Haystack Covers

tarp1 Heavy duty polyfabric haystack covers. Silver outside, black inside. Super tough 6.1 oz/ sq. yd. UVI treated, coated fabric gives 3-5 years service when properly secured. Eyelets and 2″ nylon webbing set inot 5 layers of fabric to give 500lbs of pull strength.

15’x54′ $ 184.00
20’x48′ 195.00
25’x54′ 274.00
Spiral Anchors $ 2.65
 industrialcover1 Green outside, White inside Poly Industrial Taprs. 6 ounce Industrial strength. Twice the weight and strength of regular poly tarps. Extra U.V. protection for longer outdoor life. Triple layer reinforced corners and roped 2 1/2″ hems.

8’x10′ $ 9.90
16’x20′ 39.90
20’x30′ 74.90
20’x40′ 97.90
30’x50′ 182.90
40’x60′ 289.90


Grooming and Mounting Step

Grooming and Mounting Step

Looking for the fast way to the top? Wide base design is very stable and the steps are slip resistant. Strong roto molded poly. 24″ x 24″ x 17″ tall.
14 lbs.
$ 58.90


Rubbermaid Farm Tough Cart

This strong, durable cart carries 300lbs. and accommodates 7.5 cubic feet of load. Reinforcement ribs added for impact resistance. Smooth seamless body makes cleaning an easy chore. Large pneumatic tires provide easy mobility.
$ 202.90


Rubbermaid Tractor Cart

Get that hauling job done faster and easier with Rubbermaid’s tractor cart with removable tailgate and rear dump. Sturdy steel axle provides 1200lbs/10 cubic feet capacity. Rubbermaid quality means extended cart life and this is the handiest unit of them all.
#5660 Cart 48 1/2″ x 36″ x 29″.
$ 330.00

Big Wheel Cart

Rubbermaid Big Wheel Cart

Designed for heavy-duty, long lasting use. Sturdy, structural foam construction won’t rust, dent, chip or peel. All plastic, seamless pan design resists leaking and cracking. An All-Around better cart for whatever job.
300 lb. capacity.
$ 176.00

Pitch Fork

Dura Pitch

15″ x 18 Tine Fork
52″ Long Wood Handle
Assorted Colors

$ 13.95

Pitch Fork

Dura Fork 2

15″, 17 Tine Fork
Poly Bedding Fork
52″ Wood handle
5″ High Sides and Back for better scoop.

$ 23.90

Pitch Fork

15″ x 18 Tine
Ergo-Correct Aluminum Handle 52″ Long
Basket-Style Back for better scoop.

$ 26.90