Clippers & Shears


Oster Single Speed Clipmaster

Oster Single Speed Clipmaster

The well balanced single speed Clipmaster has plenty of power for large clipping jobs on horses or cattle. Baffled cooling fan keeps motor cool. Snap-out filter screen for easy cleaning. Comes with case & grease.

Oster Showmaster

Oster Variable Speed Showmaster

A versatile clipper, the Showmaster has a variable speed motor and a 3″ shearing head for show trimming and fitting of cattle and horses. Gives a smooth, finished appearance.

Oster Variable Speed Clipmaster

Oster Variable Speed Clipmaster

This Variable Speed Clipmaster offers infinite settings for faster and easier clipping. Adjusts 700 to 3,000 cutting cycles per minute.


Oster Turbo A5

Turbo Single Speed

2100 Strokes per minute, easy detachable blade system. Cooler running, comes with Standard #10 blade

Turbo Two- Speed

Normal speed is 3100 strokes per minute which is best for precision clipping. High speed 4000 strokes per minute gets the job done quick. comes with Standard #10 blade


Andis Super 2 Speed Clipper Set

Super quiet & perfect for sensitive animals. Includes an extra-wide T-84 blade for complete horse grooming. With a two speed motor that supports 3400 or 4400 strokes per minute and a break resistant housing with ergonomic shape and smaller diameter. Contoured to fit your hand and lightweight. Removable cap for easy cleaning. Locking blade hinge keeps blade secure, while easy to change. 16′ cord.


Andis Super AGR+ Clipper

A powerful, cordless clipper with detachable cord, making body clipping easy. Runs continuously for one hour on a fully charged battery and recharges in an hour. Clipper has on/off switch with lock to prevent the clippers from accidentally using up battery. Break resistant, lightweight, and contoured so you can clip longer. Comes with Standrad CeramicEdge #10 blade, Sensa-Charge charging base, a battery pack, oil, extra blade drive, and carrying case. Worth the dough if you’re on the go.


Andis Deluxe Groom Clipper

Fine, smooth running, small clipper with an adjustable blade. Runs so quiet, you wouldn’t believe it does 14,400 cutting strokes per minute. Comes with a standard #19 blade that adjusts with a small lever from fine to coarse cutting depths. Cool, Quiet, and aluminum housed so it can take a bit of a beating.


Wahl ARCO SE Cordless Equine Clipper

Fully adjustable 5-position blade set. Quiet, cool, small and quick— set includes clipper, 2 NiMH rechargeable battery packs, a storage case, charging base with indicator light, four snap on guide combs, cleaning brush and blade oil. Powerful rotary motor offers 5,500 strokes per minute.


WAHL ShowPro Clipper

Multi-cut adjustable ShowPro features satin chrome blade that adjusts from #30 to #15 to #10. 2-year warranty and made in the USA. Comes with Corded Vibrator Clipper, Adjustabel Blade, Oil and Brush and Blade Guard.