Electric Fence Chargers

Solar Fences

logoRed Snapr Parmak Zareba

Solar FencersParmak 12-SP • 30 Mile • 12 Volt Solar Powered

Featuring the latest state-of-the-art solar panel with superior charging power the Magnum 12 Solar-Pak eliminates battery recharging, thereby saving you time and money. The sun’s energy charges the fencer by day and a sealed 12 volt rechargeable battery powers the fencer at night. Battery included. The Magnum 12 Solar-Pak was designed, developed, and is manufactured exclusively by Parmak. 100% American made. Uses the same advanced and exclusive circuitry as the Magnum 12, including Parmak’s exclusive built-in performance meter. Our totally new and improved solar panel uses free energy from the sun to provide maximum shock . . . longer life. No operating costs! Power line convenience with a battery fencer. Full 2 year warranty covers damage caused by lightning. Twelve-volt battery warranted one year.

  • Low impedance for maximum power, longer life
  • Performance meter that shows condition of fence
  • Ideal for large pastures
  • State-of-the-art solar panel for superior charging power
  • Complete with sealed 12 volt rechargeable battery
  • Weatherproof, portable outdoor model
  • Charges up to 30 miles of fence – 3 joules*
  • UL Listed

$ 274.95

Solar FencersParmak DFSPLI • 25 Mile • 6 Volt Solar Powered

America’s first solar-powered electric fence charger!  Laser trimmed, computer precision, solid state circuitry provides reliable, powerful low impedance shock to end of the fence. Uses free energy from the sun for maximum shock – day or night. Eliminates need for expensive battery replacement or inconvenient recharging.

At a glance built-in performance meter shows you the fence condition – good, marginal or bad.

Features latest state-of-the-art solar panel with over 42% more battery charging power. Will charge battery even on cloudy days with maximum power in direct sunlight.

Totally weather-proof for outdoor use.

Full 2 year warranty covers damage caused by lightning. Six-volt battery warranted one year.

  • Powerful low impedance design
  • New more powerful solar panel
  • Exclusive built-in performance meter
  • Will operate for 21 days in total darkness
  • Weatherproof, outdoor model.
  • Ideal for small to medium pastures
  • Complete with sealed rechargeable 6 volt battery
  • Charges up to 25 miles of fence – 1.4 joules*
  • 100% American made
  • UL Listed
Outdoor Only
Joules Low: 0.75   Joules High: 1.8+
11,500 Fence Voltage Open Circuit
Performance Meter Analog Display
$ 169.95

Solar FencersRed Snap’r LIS-10 • 10Mile Range • Solar Powered


This fencer is compact, durable, and a snap to install. The 6volt gel-cell battery and solar panel are housed in a one piece, rugged Lexan case. Easy to mount on any post. With indicator light and on/off switch. Solid state Circuitry. Signal light indicated proper fence operation. 1 Year warranty.

$ 172.95

SE5-14Parmak SE-5 50 Mile • 110 Volt A.C..

A powerful model designed for today’s large pastures. Ideal for single or multi-wired high tensile fences. The Super Energizer 5 does everything a fence controller should do – it just does it better!!! Super Energizer 5 is equipped with a built-in DIGITAL performance meter which tells you the exact condition of fence. Shocks through wet weeds and brush. Over 8,000 volts of holding power with 500 OHM load. New color coded fence and ground terminals. Red to the fence and Black to ground. The Super Energizer 5 controls both predators and livestock, including sheep and goats. Fuse protection with built-in lightning arresters. Full 2 year warranty covers damage caused by lightning.

• Low Impedance
• Designed specifically for large pastures
• Single or multi-wire high tensile fences
• Advanced built-in computer controlled circuitry
• Digital meter shows voltage on fence
• Ideal for controlled grazing of livestock and predator control
• Charges over 50 miles of fence – 6.3+ Joules*
• Indoor installation
• UL Listed (US & Canada)


Gallagher Fencers

 S50 Solar Fence Energizer S50
The S50 powers up to 30 acres / 5 mile of electric fence.  It can be used in permanent electric fencing, where there is no access to 110v power and also for portable, short term livestock control.
 Solar Fencers

S-17 Solar Fence Charger

High performance solar panel charges even on cloudy days. Indicator light and on/off switch. Internal 6 volt, maintenance free battery. Weather proof case mounts on wood post or on top of steel T-post. Large, rugged, terminals for fence & ground wires. 2 Year Mfg. Warranty.
$ 138.90


S-20 Solar Fence Charger

The S20 powers up to 14 acres / 2 mile of electric fence.  It can be used in permanent electric fencing, where there is no access to 110v power and also for portable, short term livestock control.
$ 240.90

Solid State Fencers

The Wrangler • Plug In • .9 Joule Stored

Fences up to 30 acres. Flashing indicator light.
$ 81.95



Power up to 60 acres or 11 miles of multi-wire fence with the Gallagher M150 Energizer. The M150 plugs into a 110 volt outlet with 1.5 stored joules and is ideally suited for smaller pastures. Comes with an indicator   light that flashes with every pulse and a 2 year warranty for added protection.




The M300 is a reliable electric fence Energizer, powering up to 85 acres / 15 miles of multiwire fence.  Ideally suited for small pastures.




The M600 is a reliable electric fence Energizer suitable for powering up to 150 acres or 25 miles of multiwire fencing. 3 joule stored energy.


Solid State Fencers

Model M1000 • 10 Joules Stored

Green indicator light flashes when fence is working. Red indicator flashes with each pulse. Full and reduced power terminals.
$ 425.90


Replacement Batteries & Parts

Red Snap’r SB1 6 volt $ 28.95
Parmak 901 6 volt 24.95
Parmak 902 12 volt 52.95
Gallagher 670 6 volt 22.95
Gallagher PC1250 12 volt 26.90
Gallagher PC1210 12 volt 54.90